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What is the cost of applying for a mortgage loan in Greece?

Every application for a mortgage loan incurs some costs associated with processing the application and other related tasks.

In particular

The cost of examining the application and the cost of legal-technical control: €850 (indicative, depending on the product).
Land registry/land registry office costs for the registration of a mortgage notice: 0.775% or 0.875% on the amount of the mortgage + VAT and
Costs of filing the application, summary and issuing the relevant certificates, estimated at EUR 60-80 + VAT.
Cost of representation by a lawyer for the registration of a mortgage deed: EUR 359,60 (this refers to the lawyer's fee of the Bank. The fee of the lawyer representing you will be determined by the lawyer).
Cost of issuing an extract from the land register: 15 euros + VAT per property (based on the National Cadastral Code number / KAKEK).
The cost of declaring the right of first refusal at the Land Registry Office: 35 Euro per right.
In case of partial payment: 120 euro per certification of works.

Note: Mortgage application costs are based on standard bank charges. Final costs may vary depending on bank and mortgage products.

Updated on: 23/02/2024

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